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Introduction to Unreal Development Kit

Ogre Islands is a fantasy, combat, adventure game being developed by UnrealPHD using Epic’s Unreal Development Kit (UDK) and next gen 3d models and environments. Release is scheduled for Spring 2011. Join the UnrealPHD forums to stay informed of demos and beta testing opportunities.

As the PC version is being completed we will start production on an iPhone spinoff using our Ogre Islands assets and re-purposing them as lower res versions, in a simpler game form.

We are looking for skilled game team members to share responsibilities and earn a percentage of profits on this project. We are only seeking very experienced Zbrush artists, or Character Riggers and animators, UDK programmers, Unity 3d progammers, or excellent 3d modelers and texture artists. Do you want to see your work in game and get game credits, and earn some money from our online sales? Contact our team today.

Check out some more screenshots from Ogre Islands:


Thank you for your support of UnrealPHD Video Tutorials. We appreciate it and visits to our website have raised our Alexa Rating to the top 85,000 websites in the United States in the last 7 months.

We are glad to help you learn next gen gaming quickly and effectively.

We will also soon be releasing video tutorials for game design for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch using Unity 3d, and look forward to your feedback and requests on our forums. Like our Intro to UDK, these tutorials will focus on creating the most in the shortest amount of time, as a creative experience integrated into a game production environment.

Is your time valuable? Learn game design fast. Check back soon.

Since our sales have been from all different parts of the world, we have added a 52 language translator to our website to reflect the global nature of this site. This will help you to share information about our website in other languages, by copying and pasting our translated text. Check it out, it’s an instant font and text conversion to Thai, Hindi, Japanese, or whatever language you choose. Just click the “Translate” link on any page.

Our Digital Download version of Introduction to Unreal Development Kit (UDK) has been our most popular product, with sales in the US, Europe, India, China, Japan, Australia, and other places. Even though the High Definition video is 3.5 hours and over 2 Gbs, not one single customer has had a problem downloading the entire video without any problems. Your download of our HD video tutorials is guaranteed.

We have also added an extensive bookmarking feature, to assist sharing pages on our website via email, facebook, myspace, digg, delicious, etc. No matter what social networks you use, you will find it in our new bookmarking menu.

We now have UnrealPHD accounts on Steam, Xfire, GameSpot, and Raptr. Connect with UnrealPHD on all these sites, or Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.


UnrealPHD releases Introduction to Unreal Development Kit (UDK) video tutorials
Learn to develop your own video games in one day!

Learn to create your own video games from scratch in this 3 1/2 hour video tutorial. Game Designer and 3d artist Jurij Gantar covers the essentials of using EPIC Games free Unreal Development Kit, and shows you how to model, texture, light and populate your own game, and publish it as a complete .exe installer for PCs. Start creating games that you can share and sell today.

These tutorials also cover using 3dStudio Max, and other 3d software, to create game assets and creating high-res normal maps and using Photoshop for texturing.

UnrealPHD is offering a special promotional price of only $25 during January 2010 for Digital Downloads of the Introduction to Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

Click here to purchase the full Introduction to Unreal Development Kit Tutorial!


Thanks for your great feedback!
The $1 Million dollar Epic Make Something Unreal Contest ended a few months back.
After 16 months, and 3 of 4 phases of Contest, its over. We are happy to say we have 8 official map entries during the multiple phases.

Finalists are still being determined and judged. So far UnrealPHD has received an Honorable Mention for Starbase Defense – Vehicle Set, 1 of only 3 Honorable Mentions, for Starbase Defense Vehicle Map – Air Wars, which we are very grateful for. Thanks EPIC!

This was just announced on the Epic website and many gaming websites globally this week.
If you see it on your game forum, give a shout out to the crew!

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Posted in UnrealPHD by Mn8

Hello, we are the UnrealPHD Game Design Team.

UnrealPHD is a collaborative map team formed in 2008. Our first project was Phase 2 of Epic’s Make Something Unreal Contest (MSUC), in which we had 4 official entries in multiple categories. This competition is still being judged, and is one of the largest competitions in Game Design with over $1 million dollars in prizes. Entries are judged on performance using the Unreal 3 Editor, and creating and integrating custom content.—DM-Starbase-Defense

Our team embraces next-generation modeling and game techniques. Our low-res game friendly meshes have normal and displacement maps and simulate models with millions of polygons.

Stay tuned for Unreal PHD’s Phase 4 entry to Epic’s Make Something Unreal Contest.